Tax Compliance & Reporting

Tax Compliance & Reporting

Our talented professionals help our clients to effectively manage their requirements on a global basis, both for planning and compliance services. We have experience working with individuals and companies of all sizes across many aspects of the tax life cycle — planning, provision, compliance and tax audits.

How can we help you?

With the tax environment increasingly becoming complex, day by day, there is more and more demand for transparency and effective tax reporting.  We can assist our clients in responding to these demands which includes:

  • Tax registration.
  • Computation of current and deferred tax.
  • Computation tax deductible costs.
  • Preparation of provisional tax return.
  • Preparation of final tax return along with all relevant additional information.
  • Change in an accounting period.
  • Tax clearance and residency certificate.
  • Tax audit/assessment.
  • Tax objection and appeal.

We can give our clients an integrated, consistent, quality service relating to tax compliance, statutory accounts preparation and tax accounting calculation support.